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The Prim & Plush Experience

When you choose Prim & Plush, you are choosing great lashes & brows + so much more. Truly, the experience at Prim & Plush is unmatched.


We are here to serve our community with the best lashes + brows, hands down. Our Lash Experts are thoroughly vetted and experienced. Rest assured, your lashes will look great all day long and your eyebrows will be flawless. Let’s brighten up those beautiful eyes!


You deserve an experience that reminds you to take a moment, treat yourself, and love yourself first. Beauty is also an inside job. When you are beautiful inside and out, that is a very powerful thing. We provide a little friendly reminder to take along your journey at each visit.

We beleive in

Personal Growth & Gratitude.

The world needs us to show up as the best version of ourselves now more than ever. We like to provide you with a little nugget of inspo every visit because we know how busy your day gets, how frustrating our job/kids/parents can be, and how important it is to take a moment of gratitude, even during those times.

The way we look on the outside should compliment the way we feel on the inside- we believe in helping to bridge this gap. When you focus on both, you are unstoppable.

This is an everlasting journey, we just like to empower you with a friendly reminder to love yourself first, choose courage, and be a better you than you were yesterday.

The Ultimate Lash + Brow Experience

The Ultimate Lash + Brow Experience

It all began in 2020 (I know). Founder of Prim & Plush, Sarah Tankiewicz, has been a loyal lash lover since 2013. She couldn’t help but notice the two most common lash options available today: someone who does lashes in their basement, or a ‘corporate feel’ salon (which are still far and few between). This growing industry didn’t yet have a salon setting with a chic, feel-good atmosphere, artists who are already an expert in their field, and a mission to serve and inspire guests on a larger scale.

Speaking of serving, we wanted to create a space that not only feels great, but incorporate an experience that is truly unique for you to enjoy each and every time you join us at Prim & Plush. Shortly after, we created a beautiful space in Birmingham, MI for fabulous lashes +brows, a daily dose of inspo, and an unmatched experience for your regular services.

You deserve an experience that reminds you to take a moment, treat yourself, and love yourself first.

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